Cosmic Chronicles: Swatcher Spotlight - Lexy @polishedtopurrfection

Welcome to another edition of our swatcher feature series, 'Cosmic Chronicles', where we showcase the creative talents that illuminate the world of Cosmic Polish. In this post we are admiring the talents of Lexy @polishedtopurrfection. Lexy transforms each nail into a miniature canvas of stellar beauty, captured perfectly with her impressive macro photography. Her stunning swatches reveal the depth and details of every polish. Join us as we explore Lexy's artistic finesse and imaginative designs!


Would you like to tell us a little bit about your work or studies?

I photograph bones for a living 🩻 I'm a radiographer and spend my days at work taking x-rays, CT scans and mammograms.


What inspired your interest in the Cosmic Polish range?

The range in colours, finishes and the overall spacey vibe. I'm a sucker for awesome branding and Cosmic drew me in right away.


Which Cosmic Polish polish or formula do you most enjoy using?

Shimmer all the way! It's a tough call but Stormy Sunset is my fave because of how much it changes depending on the lighting. Truly an elusive and mysterious lady.


How do you find inspiration for your nail art designs?

I tend to freehand or use striping tape as I'm too lazy to clean my stamping plates 😂 sometimes I'm feeling flowy and just want to draw some swirls, other times I'm in concentration mode and want to try something more structured and challenging. There's so many nail artists on Instagram to take inspo from as well!


What's the most unusual source of inspiration you've had for a nail design?

Ugly sweaters. I combined the ugliest colours I could find with the ugliest nail art I could find- polish mountain- in the shape of a good old ugly sweater. It was a wild ride.


What's the most challenging nail art design you've ever attempted?

Pinstripe. The toughest part was spacing the striping tape as perfectly evenly as humanly possible, and pulling the tape up at just the right time to keep the lines clean. It was very effective at the end so was worth the effort!


Can you share a memorable reaction someone had to your nail art?

'This is a crime against humanity and I’m ordering a cease and desist 😩😂'
Re: Ugly Sweater Mountain. I am so happy to have scarred so many with this monstrosity!

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in nail art?

Try not to get bogged down in FOMO. Whether it's FOMO about products or keeping up with viral trends, I promise you it will be ok. Products get duped, trends go in and out. Always have a critical thinking cap on and do what's best for your mental health and wallet.


What's your go-to nail care routine?

Nail oil at least once a day, once a week I try to get a really good soak in the oil with naked nails. I have to keep my nails relatively short for work otherwise they just snap off at random (x-ray machinery is NOT kind to nails), so I file them down a bit each week to keep them in shape. For a while I was using a strengthening base coat but they're in a good state now so that's back on the shelf.


What's one nail art/nail polish/nail care myth you'd like to debunk?

Nail art doesn't need to be complicated to be effective!


What other interests or hobbies do you have besides nail art?

Cross stitching and embroidery are my other go-tos, although I'm starting to get into gardening! So basically I'm a old lady.


Could you share with us one quirky or unexpected fact about yourself that most people might not know?

The majority of my back is fused with titanium! So I have a very expensive skeleton 🦴


Is there anything else you'd like to tell us, or you would like included in your feature?

Cats >>> Dogs, fight me

You can find Lexy on Instagram! 💫


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