Cosmic Chronicles: Swatcher Spotlight - Renee @naiilsbynaii

Welcome to our swatcher feature series, 'Cosmic Chronicles: Swatcher Spotlight', where we learn more about our stellar swatchers, and pick up some tips along the way! In this post, we are delighted to shine a light on Renee @naiilsbynaii. With her impeccable nail artistry and photography, Renee turns every swatch into a celestial spectacle. As we delve into her world of shimmering shades and intricate nail art designs, let's discover why Renee is not just a swatcher, but a creative influence in the Cosmic Polish community. 

Would you like to tell us a little bit about your work or studies?

I’m a primary school teacher! I’ve mainly worked with Kindergarten - that age is so fun and silly, although they are extremely exhausting! I’m currently studying a Masters in Education online to become a Teacher Librarian, as I absolutely love reading, reading aloud to kids, and want to bring a love of reading into the kids in my care!

What inspired your interest in the Cosmic Polish range?

I was curious about a new brand, and everything I had seen before launch was just so beautiful!!! Bethany is also so lovely so I’ve really enjoyed supporting her and her business. Did I mention the beautiful polish?? 😍

Which Cosmic Polish polish or formula do you most enjoy using?

The shimmers and the magnetics are my favourite so far!! I love that the magnetics are all unique and I didn’t have anything like them in my collection, and the shimmers are so unique and fairly opaque! My favourite shimmers are It’s An Illusion and Ruby Rave, and favourite magnetic is Bronze Blaze!

How do you find inspiration for your nail art designs?

I scroll through Instagram, Facebook, Google, reddit, Pinterest, YouTube…. If there’s nail art, I’m there lurking 😂

What's the most unusual source of inspiration you've had for a nail design?

Last year I gave my kindergarten students a template of a hand with nails and asked them to make some nail art designs for me! Some results were fantastic, and I recreated one of them, but some were…… interesting. And may never see the light of day!

What's the most challenging nail art design you've ever attempted?

GALAXY NAILS. You know the one with the sponge? Every time I’ve tried, I just absolutely cannot do it! Now I just try to make galaxies in other ways. Or just use magnetic polishes!


Can you share a memorable reaction someone had to your nail art?

Oh I have a story. I use a peel off base coat, and one day one of my peelies came off while I was at work, a pastel rainbow gradient. It fell on the ground in front of one of the kindergarten kids in my class. He says, ‘mmm, looks like toothpaste’ and ate. the. peely. I had no words. I still don’t.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in nail art?

Just give anything a go! Wear what makes you happy, try new things, don’t give up on a technique, you’ll get it eventually! (Except me. And galaxy nails. 😅)

What's your go-to nail care routine?

I don’t do anything specific! I try to use nail oil every day, or at the very least use it when I’m changing my manicure. My hands get really dry, so I use a really moist hand cream to keep my hands and cuticles feeling soft. I try to file my nails every second manicure I do - and I probably change my nails every 2-3 days!

What's one nail art/nail polish/nail care myth you'd like to debunk?

Long nails aren’t that hard to work with! At least my length! Especially typing. So many people say, ‘how do you type with those long nails?’ Guys I just do. Deal with it haha


What other interests or hobbies do you have besides nail art?

I really enjoy exercising, mainly through dancing and walking my pugs! I love musical theatre and singing, although I don’t do these to any sort of professional capacity. I also really enjoy baking and playing cosy games!

Could you share with us one quirky or unexpected fact about yourself that most people might not know?

I used to be a group fitness instructor for 6+ years - I used to teach Zumba and a range of Les Mills programs. I am also weirdly good at remembering music and choreography!
Also, I used to bite my nails. A lot. Like, a lot a lot. It was so bad. Since I stopped, my nails have been going strong and long and nobody believes me when I tell them they used to be non-existent!


You can find Renee on Instagram, and her Zumba workout playlist on YouTube💫


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