Deck Your Nails: Nail Art Inspiration using the Holiday Collection 2023 - Cosmic Polish

Deck Your Nails: Nail Art Inspiration using the Holiday Collection 2023


And welcome to our dazzling world of festive nail art!

Cosmic Polish's 'Deck Your Nails Holiday Collection 2023' offers a range of stunning shades perfect for creating a variety of nail art. In this post, we'll explore beautiful nail art ideas using our holiday collection!

🌟 Gradient Nail Art 🌟

Gradient nail art is a popular nail art technique that involves blending two or more nail polish colours together on the nails to create a seamless, gradient effect. This effect gives the appearance of one colour gradually fading into another, creating a beautiful, multi-tonal look.

Learn to create a Vertical Gradient Nail look, like the one below, with our easy-to-follow tutorial by clicking here!

Stunning nail art by @poorlydonenailart

Stunning nail art by @burritonails

Stunning nail art by Bethany @cosmicpolish

Stunning nail art by @nailed4molemann

  Stunning nail art by @shorty.nailsit

Stunning nail art by @polishedtopurrfection

The two nail art looks below involve a combination of nail art techniques - gradient nail art and freehand nail art (showcased later in this post). 

Stunning nail art by @chloes_nails088

 Stunning nail art by @poorlydonenailart

🌟 Nail Art Stamping 🌟

Nail art stamping is a creative nail art technique used to apply intricate designs and patterns onto nails. It is a popular method due to its ability to produce detailed and consistent designs that would be difficult to achieve freehand. For this method you would need a stamping plate, a stamper, a scraper and stamping polish (or very opaque nail polish).
Please let us know in the comments below if you would like a nail stamping tutorial!

Stunning nail art by @happysponge06

The two nail art looks below are a variant of this technique, called reverse nail art stamping. This type of stamping involves 'colouring in' the stamped image before transferring it onto the nail. This technique allows for more colour and customisation in stamped designs!

Stunning nail art by @shorty.nailsit

Stunning nail art b@mclellanmanor

🌟 Watermarble Nail Art 🌟

Watermarble nail art is a nail art technique that involves adding drops of nail polish onto water, creating intricate and swirling designs, that are then transferred onto the nails. There are some important factors to take care of when using this technique, such as water temperature, type of polish, the angle of dipping your nails in, and timing. This is a fun nail art technique to experiment with!

Stunning nail art by @shorty.nailsit

🌟 Freehand Nail Art 🌟

Freehand nail art refers to designs drawn onto the nail using nail polish, nail art brushes, and dotting tools. This technique allows for unique designs (since it is done by hand) and artistic expression!

 Stunning nail art by @naiilsbynaii

Stunning nail art by @burritonails

Stunning nail art by @poorlydonenailart

Stunning nail art by @happysponge06

Stunning nail art by @polishedsteph

Stunning nail art by @poorlydonenailart

The beautiful striped look below can be achieved by painting your nails with one colour, applying nail art striping tape when the polish is dry, and painting over the striping tape with another polish colour (and removing the tape while the polish is still wet).

Stunning nail art by @ash_learns_nails

🌟 Skittle Nail Art 🌟

Skittle nail art is a fun and colourful way to wear nail polish! This technique refers to painting each nail a different colour, for a playful look. It is a simple and versatile way to showcase your favourite nail polish colours!

 Stunning nail art by @burritonails

Stunning nail art by Bethany @cosmicpolish

 Stunning nail art by @polishedtopurrfection

🌟 Nail Polish Toppers 🌟

Nail polish toppers are a type of nail polish, rather than a nail art technique, that can quickly elevate and transform your nail look! It is a nail polish designed to be applied over a base colour, which allows for endless combinations!

Holo Frost is both a nail polish designed to be worn alone (opaque in 2-3 coats), and is also a stunning nail polish topper! The look below shows Holo Frost over a skittle using our Party Pack shimmers!

Stunning nail art by @polishedtopurrfection

The stunning look below is achieved by using Holo Frost over our one-coat black, Event Horizon!

Stunning nail art by @happysponge06


Tag us if you try any of these looks, and let us know if you would like to see a tutorial for any of these nail art techniques! 💫


Where to Find the Collection:

Ready to start your nail art journey? Visit Deck Your Nails Holiday Collection 2023 to explore the Party Pack, the Happy Holo-days duo, and the Festive Four bundle. Happy painting!


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The 'Deck Your Nails Holiday Collection 2023' by Cosmic Polish is a treasure trove of colours and formulas, perfect for unleashing your creativity these nail art techniques!

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