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Unveiling Cosmic Elegance: The Fabulous Flakies Nail Polish Bundle

Get fabulous with these five flakies! Showcase as a skittle, blend together as a gradient or focus on one at a time, enjoy the beautiful shifting flakes and 3D goodness of these five polishes at an unbeatable value.

Let's take a closer look at these Fabulous Flakies!



Flakie polishes included in this bundle:

☀️ Sunlit Seas 🌊
🌙 Lunar Eclipse 🌑
🐉 Dragon Scales 🐲
🌚 Night Skies 💫
🎆 Visions in Violet 💜

'Fabulous Flakies' Bundle Price: $52 (valued at $63)


Sunlit Seas 

Inspired by sunlight as it plays across ocean waves, refresh your nails with this bright teal green shade. Packed with dazzling ultra thin gold flakes and opaque in 1-2 coats, set sail for stunning nails! 

Stellar swatch by @mclellanmanor


Stellar swatch by @happysponge06

Stellar swatch by @naiilsbynaii

Lunar Eclipse

This polish has a deep red hue that shifts from magenta to gold, like the shifting colours of the blood moon during lunar eclipse.  A dark jelly base packed with red to bronze iridescent flakes, opaque in 3 coats or use as a fiery topcoat!

Stellar swatch by @ash_learns_nails

Stellar swatch by @polishedsteph 

Stellar swatch by @polishedtopurrfection

Dragon Scales

The unique color-shifting flakes packed into Dragon Scales create an otherworldly effect that's perfect for those who want some magic and fierceness in their polish! The ultra thin flakes shift from green to purple and create a textured multichrome affect, while having a smooth application that is opaque in three coats.


Stellar swatch by @chloes_nails088 

Stellar swatch by @polishedtopurrfection

Stellar swatch by @shorty.nailsit  

Night Skies

A stunning shade of dark blue that shifts to a rich purple on an angle, loaded with gold flakes that create a sparkling starry effect on your nails. If you want something with more than a touch of glam and sparkle, Night Skies will unleash your inner star!

Stellar swatch by @happysponge06

Stellar swatch by @poorlydonenailart


Stellar swatch by @ash_learns_nails 

Visions in Violet

Take a cosmic journey with our mesmerising Visions in Violet, embellished with iridescent flakies that shift from blue to purple. Achieve an opaque, galactic depth in 2 to 3 coats, letting your manicure mirror the enigmatic beauty of distant nebulae.


Stellar swatch by @naiilsbynaii


Stellar swatch by @chloes_nails088


 Stellar swatch by @mclellanmanor 

Where to Find the Bundle:

Ready to embark on this cosmic journey? Visit Fabulous Flakies to get your hands on this value set and transform your nails into celestial masterpieces!


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Embrace the cosmic allure and elevate your style to galaxies beyond imagination with our "Fabulous Flakies" bundle! 🌌✨

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