Unwrapping Magic: Deck Your Nails Holiday Collection 2023

Get ready to sparkle and shine this holiday season with Cosmic Polish's latest party-inspired nail polish collection, 'Deck Your Nails Holiday Collection 2023'. Choose from three bundle options to gift to a friend (or a gift to yourself!):

🎉 Party Pack - $60 (save $10)

🎁 Happy Holo-days - $22 (save $2)

🎄 Festive Four - $45 (save $7)

Brace yourselves for an interstellar journey into the world of shimmer, glimmer, and festive cheer! 

🎉 Party Pack: Shimmer Galore! 🌌

Indulge in a spectrum of shimmering hues with our Party Pack! Featuring Cobalt Craze, Emerald Eve, Magenta Mixer, Solar Soiree, and Ruby Rave. Each shade promises to elevate your nail game to meteoric heights!

Cobalt Craze

In for a wild night? There’s no better way to prepare than with this stunning blue shade. Cobalt Craze is a bright blue shimmer polish that shifts slightly aqua through to indigo at extreme angles. Unleash its vibrant chaos in 2-3 coats.  

Stellar swatch by @ash_learns_nails

Stellar swatch by @polishedsteph

Emerald Eve

Light up the night like a firework with this green polish! Emerald Eve is a cool green shimmer that shifts bright green to cool green, blue and purple at extreme angles. Opaque in 2-3 coats, this shade will turn heads and make sparks fly.

Stellar swatch by @poorlydonenailart

Stellar swatch by @nailsbybriony

Magenta Mixer

With 2-3 coats of Magenta Mixer, you are sure to stand out in the crowd. A gorgeous pink shimmer polish that shifts from cool to warm pink at extreme angles. Will you meet your soulmate tonight? Who cares when you have the nail polish of your dreams!

Stellar swatch by @naiilsbynaii

Stellar swatch by @shorty.nailsit

Solar Soiree

Party ‘til the sun goes down with this vibrant shimmer! Solar Soiree is a bright orange shimmer polish that shifts orange to gold and green at extreme angles. A vibrant way to accessorise for any black tie event. Bring the sunset to your nails in 2-3 coats for full opacity.


Stellar swatch by @chloes_nails088

Stellar swatch by @poorlydonenailart

Ruby Rave

Burn up the dance floor with this smoking hot shade. Ruby Rave is a vibrant red shimmer polish that has a shift to gold at extreme angles. So bright you don’t need glow sticks. Get the party started in 2-3 coats for full opacity.


Stellar swatch by @burritonails

Stellar swatch by Bethany @cosmicpolish


🎁 Happy Holo-days: The Christmas Duo! 🎅🎁

For that holiday sparkle, our Happy Holo-days duo presents Holo Frost and Tinsel Bling. These enchanting hues capture the essence of the season—think twinkling lights and cozy firesides—all bottled up for your festive fingertips!

Holo Frost

Cool off with a sprinkle of Holo Frost - an icy silver holographic glitter filled with reflective glitter that sparkles in direct lighting. The pure holo silver base and blue iridescent glitters throughout will leave you shivering with excitement this holiday season. It might be cold this time of year in other parts of the world, but in summer down under the only frost we have is holo! Opaque in 2-3 coats.


Stellar swatch by @nailed4molemann

Stellar swatch by @happysponge06

Tinsel Bling

There’s no better way to decorate these holidays than with some Tinsel Bling! Wrap your fingertips with this beautiful holographic glitter polish, packed with three different sizes of gold holo glitter and filled to the brim with gold shimmer. Move over Christmas tree - now is your time to sparkle and shine! Opaque in 2-3 coats.

Stellar swatch by @polishedtopurrfection

Stellar swatch by @naiilsbynaii

🎄 Festive Four: The Christmas Bundle! 🌠

Experience the epitome of holiday glamour with our Festive Four bundle! This stellar offering combines the mesmerizing Christmas Duo with the vibrant green and radiant red shimmer polishes from our Party Pack. It's the ultimate festive fusion to adorn your nails with yuletide splendor.


Stunning nail art by @burritonails

For more nail art inspiration, have a look at our 'Deck Your Nails' nail art post by clicking here! 💫

Where to Find the Deck Your Nails 2023 Holiday Collection:

Are you ready to elevate your festive nail game? Visit Deck Your Nails Holiday Collection 2023 to explore the shimmering Party Pack, the Happy Holo-days duo, and the Festive Four bundle—all curated to infuse celestial charm into your holiday season.

Stunning swatches by @nailed4molemann

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Prepare to sparkle and shimmer through the holiday season—shop the Cosmic Polish Deck Your Nails Holiday Collection 2023 now and make your nails twinkle like the stars! 🌟

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