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Cosmic Polish



Spiral into an unhealthy obsession with this heavenly polish. Andromeda is a blue based polish with a fiery shifting shimmer and scattered holo. You’ll feel like all of the light of the stars around you has been drawn into your nails.

Celestial opacity in 2-3 coats.

Part of the Heavenly Bodies Collection

This polish was inspired by the Andromeda Galaxy - first reported in 965 CE and famously number 31 on the list of space objects compiled by French astronomer Charles Messier - giving it’s alternate name ‘Messier 31’. The spiral galaxy has a habit of colliding with other galaxies and adding them to itself. Take a look at the image that inspired the polish HERE.

Photos thanks to @nailsbybriony@failnartiste, @burritonails@holojessus, @pretty.fluffing.ugly, @chloes_nails088, @naiilsbynaii, @polishedtopurrfection, @shorty.nailsit, @poorlydonenailart, @happysponge06, @nailed4molemann

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