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Cosmic Polish



Capture the chaotic universe on your nails with this polish. Carina is a deep purple based polish with a strong red to gold shifting shimmer and scattered holo. Witness all of time itself on your nails in this maelstrom of colour and sparkle! 

Celestial opacity in 2-3 coats.

Part of the Heavenly Bodies Collection

This polish was inspired by the Carina Nebula - a large and chaotic glowing cloud of dust and gas best seen from our Southern Hemisphere. Formed from dying stars and yet blazing forwards with the birth of new ones in earnest, the Carina Nebula is also home to Eta Carinae - a dying star set to supernova any time now. The Nebula also contains a number of fascinating features like the Homunculus Nebula, the Mystic Mountain and the Finger of God (or Carina’s Defiant Finger). Take a look at the images that inspired the polish HERE and HERE.

Photos thanks to @polishedtopurrfection@nailsbybriony@failnartiste, @nailed4molemann, @burritonails@holojessus, @pretty.fluffing.ugly, @chloes_nails088, @naiilsbynaii,  @shorty.nailsit, @poorlydonenailart

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