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Cosmic Polish



This polish is so terrifyingly beautiful it will instantly stop you in your tracks. Medusa is a purple based polish with a green to teal to blue shifting shimmer and scattered holo. Leave a trail of petrified admirers behind you! Celestial opacity in 2-3 coats.

Part of the Heavenly Bodies Collection

This polish was inspired by the Medusa Nebula. Named after the Gorgon Medusa from Greek myth, the nebula got its name from its bright trails of gas filament that look almost snake-like. Formed from a dying star, experts hypothesise that this will be the final fate of our own Sun one day. Take a look at the images that inspired the polish HERE and HERE.

Photos thanks to @nailsbybriony@failnartiste, @burritonails@holojessus, @pretty.fluffing.ugly, @chloes_nails088, @naiilsbynaii, @polishedtopurrfection, @shorty.nailsit, @poorlydonenailart, @nailed4molemann

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