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Cosmic Polish



Witness the beginning of phenomenal nails with this polish! Orion is a hot pink based polish with a strong blue shimmer and scattered holo. A small taste of the cosmic fires of creation on your nails.

Celestial opacity in 2-3 coats.

Part of the Heavenly Bodies Collection

This polish was inspired by the Orion Nebula, taking its name from the Orion constellation documented thousands of years ago by many ancient peoples and most notably by the ancient Greeks to whom it owes its name. The Nebula itself is known as a stellar nursery, where stars are formed. The Mayans described this nebula as the “cosmic fire of creation” and appeared to symbolise it within their homes. Take a look at the images that inspired the polish HERE and HERE.

Photos thanks to @nailsbybriony, @failnartiste@poorlydonenailart, @nailed4molemann@pretty.fluffing.ugly, @chloes_nails088,
@naiilsbynaii, @polishedtopurrfection, @shorty.nailsit

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