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Cosmic Polish

Top Coats

Top Coats

Protect your cosmic colours with our new top coats! With two different formulas to choose from, go for either our ultra-glossy or our super-speedy options to ensure long lasting cosmic beauty. Or purchase both in the duo bundle to save 10% 💖

Stellar Shine gives your nails an out of this world glass-like finish, providing your gorgeous mani with protection from the great unknown.  Incredibly smooth application and amazing volume, this top coat will be dry to the touch in two minutes or less.

Warp Speed is a quick dry glossy topcoat, perfect for making your mani rocket-ready at the speed of light! Dry to the touch in one minute or less depending on application thickness, and provides long lasting protection.

Both top coats are 21 free, vegan and cruelty free, in a 13.5ml bottle.

Photographed over Event Horizon

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