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Cosmic Polish



Signal to an extraterrestrial civilisation that you are ready for an adventure with this magnetic polish. Alien-nation is a black-based magnetic polish with a bright green magnetic stripe shifting to cool aqua at extreme angles, and scattered holo. Don’t be intimidated by this little green polish - it comes in peace and with holo! 

Celestial opacity in 2-3 coats.   Shown in swatch photos in cat-eye, velvet and unmagnetised.

Part of the Deep Space Collection

Velvet affect easily achieved by using our horseshoe magnet! Or see our tutorial here for tips on getting the cat-eye effect with a magnetic wand.

Photos thanks to  @naiilsbynaii, @nailsbybriony, @burritonails@failnartiste
@chloes_nails088, @happysponge06, @pretty.fluffing.ugly, @shorty.nailsit

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